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Amazon To Eliminate Single Use Plastic In India. When will this roll out in Europe

Amazon India takes one step closer to eliminate single-use plastic from fulfilment centres

Ecommerce giant Amazon India announced on Thursday that it has accomplished its first milestone this year towards eliminating the use of single-use plastic from its fulfilment centres in India. It said it has eliminated all plastic dunnage and has replaced it with paper cushions instead. Amazon had announced in September 2019 that it is committed to eliminate single-use plastics from its fulfilment centres by June 2020.

The online marketplace said it has ensured its packaging material in the form of corrugate boxes and paper cushions contains as high as 100 percent recyclable packaging solution. Since the introduction of paper cushion in its packaging in September 2019, the company has continued to aggressively expedite the implementation of plastic-free packaging alternatives.


In Europe however, there are still a lot of E-commerce vendors that are still using single use plastic packaging.

Plastic void fillers and bubble wraps are the most commonly used options. It is important to use Void fills to ensure the safety of the Products contained within. However there are Eco-Friendly options available at almost the same price range.  

We are currently working with a few companies who are producing fully compostable range of products especially for the E-commerce market. It is really exciting to see the amount of research undertaken as people are beginning to understand the nature and extent of climate change with all the catastrophes happening around the world.

It is now time for the government to take initiative and introduce incentives for Vendors to start using the environmentally sustainable products.


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